Welcome to my site. I started this site because  I want to share with the world my journey of healing my son. This site is all about AFFORDABLE healing!!!!!!!

I have gone thru dozens of docters, pediatricians, gastroenerologists and every  kind of  alternative health practitioner  …. Only to be disappointed over and over again.

 My sons level of chronic health issues was not something any docter/health practitioner I ever met had a clue how to treat.

It was only when I realized that the doctors knew nothing of how to help my son, and that I would have to become my son’s own doctor, that I started to recover him. This meant learning how to have faith in myself as a mother and human being. It was very hard to understand why I was able to learn things that most docters dont. The sad fact is that I have the number one interest of regaining my sons health. Most docters number one interest is making a profit first, and your childs health second.

My intention is to share what worked the best, what is the most economical, and what I have heard from other parents that helped their children.

You will hear me talk about God a lot in this blog and that is because it was God that gave me the strength to stay in battle. At one point I was under such spiritual attack I was sure either God or satan wanted me and my son dead…so I started praying to God to protect my son from the evil that was all around us …I started praying for strength to just make it thru the day.
most days I prayed for strength just to make it thru the hour and really really bad days… I prayed for each minute as it came…I literaly had no one and God carried me in those days…He gave me supernatural strength to make it thru things that should have sent me over the edge….

When it got to the point that I realized this world was nothing and God was all that was real…I started my way on healing myself and my son..
 I  would like to continue my research and continue to spread the word about health and God, and help as many children and people as possible. .

Disclaimer: legally, I am not “dispensing medical advice,” I am simply sharing my wealth of information.

hello feb update

i dont even know if people read this blog…but wanted to give a shout out…my son is still on CD. he is stabilized.but i would like to see more progress as all us parents do…

life has been very intense as usual…i look at the horrors in venezuela and more and more rights being taken from us…and my heart just skips a beat….i have been a little beaten down by life..i feel very alone right now….and sad more people dont care what is going on around them…we are losing our humanity.

mystical dream

I had two dreams last night ..and i never remember dreams first one was a nightmare and had the distinct presence of a sadness i stayyed up for rest of the night and fell asleep when the sun came up for a couple hours.

In the second dream i was in the street and money was all over the side of the road…i quickly started to grab at the money as fast as i could when a wealthy woman in her car stopped and began to take the money for herself..No i screamed at her..I need the money ! I yelled. she looked at me and said i will give all this money to the poor.what will you do with it..i looked at the money longingly and said well i will give half to the poor.

instantly i was transported to a support group for bereaved woman who lost thier child. i looked at the woman in front of so much pain greater then my own..i was nervous to comfort her as i was worried i was to weak from my own grief to help her.i waited and waited for someone to help one did so i went to i tried to comfort her she turned to me and said if you heal my pain i will heal yours..then i woke up i felt it was a message from one can heal me of my deep buried pain..only by healing others will i be free..and by waiting arozbd fir someone else to do it..there is no one if not myself…it was a powerful dream and i wanted to share.

man up woman

hello my diary to the world. I survived christmas yay! not an easy feat for thos of us not in a place of celebration.  but you know what the good book says..he is closest to the broken hearted. we just have to look up and reach for a hand and we just might feel a gentle touch of an angel of the lord.

I am a broken woman. years and years of struggling in hopeless situations..abusive situations and self made prisons as like any conditioned individ:ual..i maintained my own prison long after my captors left.  some days i struggle to get out of bed. i sruggle to fuction with daly living. I feel really weak and ashamed.but then i swear I channel this 6″5 monster of a guy drill seargent. he starts screaming at me on your feet soldier! move! move! move! be a pussy girl you got to be a man. so man the fuck up!

;; I dont know if this is my alter ego..i mean i never been military never wanted to be more of a resistance kind of girl..i actually thinkk he is a spirit giude who was asigned to me..i have felt the precense of one other spirit who is a middle aged black woman my mother from a previous incarnation. I know this is where a lot of my readers will roll there eyes..and so even if it is just my alter ego who wants to be a tough guy and even if my ideal image of a loving mother is a middle aged black woman so what. Maybe that is my grown up version of my happy place..and hey whatever gets you thru mjthe day. I never had a mother.
I post about stuff like this not just for therapy but to share with one other person who knows they not alone..anyways..yesterday was hard i ate bad felt bad and im ready to pick up my sons health and mine are what i need to focus on. We are both sick..just like most of the people in this country..poisoned by chemtrails gmo foods and son and I are amoung the sicker…but that is why if we can recover we can help others recover as well…i will do more bposts as we get better..hopefully! Its not just a physical war for me and my son it is spiritual..trying to hold. On to our humanity the part of us that has the divinity of hold on to that amoung so much evil it is a challenge..but what choice do we have but to fight the good fight.

CD update 12/23/13

I had a great day again with my son.i think the strict diet is is amazing how lazy i got with what i allowed. i think the fact that he wasnt having visible digestive issues made me too permissive. i am following kerri riveria protocol. no sugar no citrus no glutn..casien ect plus i am off all grains is clear that grains hurt my son. they also hurt me..i seem to binge when grain sugar in my diet..and without grains i feel so much better!  i also want to mention my son isnt asking for food all the time being on this protocol..which makes sense if he is not feeding so many pathogens.


CD adjustments

I am trying to adjust to the CD protocol with my son..which isnt easy as it is a strict protocol and im so used to being the one making the protocol…im not a good follower..but when it comes to my son i would follow anyone anywhere to gain his health back. I had great plans a while back and then got stuck my fears..that how it be sometimes..i just keep waking up everyday and put my battle boots on and march foward..i cant eat lemons on this and my son put lemons on everything…i know boohoo about the fucking lemons…so i guess that is my short update..

MMS again

I wanted to do another biomed is 330 i am having another night of insomnia so it will be very basic.

I have decided to go back to mms ..the reason is biofilm. it hides all the nasty metal patogens ect. i have amazing essential oils that work very well on all these nasty things…problem is essentail oil hasnt been anle to penetrate biofilm..they only kill what is outside that means i will never fully eradicate. this toxic mess unless i get rid of biofilm…i will still use oils in massages or maybe  way after last mms dose as not to interfere…so yah that is all i can write for now..i will go more detail with diet the supps i use on protocol ect later